The economic impact of COVID-19 is now a reality. It’s the biggest crisis humanity has faced since World War II. Initially, the finale of the Miss Bulgaria World 2020 contest was scheduled to take place between May and July, with various preliminary rounds to determine the selection of winners for Miss World and Miss Universe, as well as their runners-up for Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental, and Top Model of the World. Due to the extraordinary situation surrounding the coronavirus, the organizers postponed the contest. “This is a sensitive time when the whole country is making great efforts to prevent COVID-19,” said Veneta Krasteva, licensee of Miss World and Miss Universe for Bulgaria and head of the Organizing Committee “Miss Bulgaria World 2020”.

“Bok Star Models Organization takes the pandemic very seriously, and the safety of our representatives and winners is our top priority. We encourage everyone to adhere to the precautionary measures recommended by local health authorities to protect themselves and their loved ones. Our organization is still accepting registration forms for candidates, but the decision on how and when the contest will be organized will be based on the development and severity of the epidemic situation. We join the global community in expressing our gratitude to those who continue to work to cope with the impact of all these adverse events.”

Since its establishment in Bulgaria in 1988, the “Miss Bulgaria World” contest has been part of the world’s largest beauty titles and the first and only national brand of its kind representing the beauty, spirituality, values, and talent of Bulgarian women on a global scale.

“In times of social distancing, it is more important than ever to stay connected. That’s why, as Bulgarian representatives of MUO, we have launched a movement for social media engagement with the hashtag #UniverseUnited to encourage building a community for mutual support during this time of division and isolation. Although our current titleholders are socially limited and likely feel powerless to help, we provide them with the opportunity to connect with the billion-strong community of Miss Universe fans, especially women, to continue to inspire, motivate, and contribute to society with their support. I know you have many questions about the coming months. So do we. We promise to do everything possible to keep you informed in this constantly changing situation. Currently, we are postponing the national finale “Miss Bulgaria World” to the end of October 2020. We will inform you once the location is confirmed and finalized, and when the event details become available. As a personal note, while reflecting on this crisis time and the anxieties about our future… What I have learned through all the difficult moments of deep uncertainty about my work as National Director of international beauty formats in Bulgaria is that we are resilient, and yes, I believe, better days are ahead for us, as long as we preserve ourselves as human beings and live as a community. I wish everyone to stay safe and healthy in these difficult times of trials for all of us. Stay healthy!”