Since its founding in 2001, Bok Star Models Agency has been a pioneer in the fashion industry under the leadership of Mr. Strahil Ganovski and in partnership with the Bulgarian Olympic Committee. The founders began with the creation of the first beauty pageant with international participation in Bulgaria – ``Miss Rodina`` as early as 1988. The agency is known for having selected some of the most prestigious representatives for ``Miss World`` and ``Miss Universe.`` Since 2015, the leadership has been taken over by Veneta Krusteva, the only Bulgarian woman to participate in the two largest international beauty pageants.


Sonya Vasi (Miss World Bulgaria 1988)

Polina Petkova (Miss World Bulgaria 1998)

Violeta Zdravkova (Miss World Bulgaria 1999)

Magdalina Valchanova (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2000)

Vanya Peycheva (Miss World Bulgaria 2000)

Tanya Karabelova (Miss World Bulgaria 2001)

Ivayla Bakalova (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2001)

Teodora Burgazlieva (Miss World Bulgaria 2002 – title revoked)

Desislava Guleva (Miss World Bulgaria 2002)

Elina Georgieva (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2002)

Zhanna Yaneva (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2012)

Veneta Krusteva (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2013)

Kristina Georgieva (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2014)

Veneta Krusteva (Miss World Bulgaria 2015)

Galina Mihaylova (Miss World Bulgaria 2016)

Veronika Stefanova (Miss World Bulgaria 2017)

Mira Simeonova (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2017 – title revoked)

Kalina Miteva (Miss World Bulgaria 2018)

Gabriela Topalova (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2018)

Margo Cooper (Miss World Bulgaria 2019)

Lora Asenova (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2019)

Radinela Chusheva (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2020)

Eva Dobreva (Miss World Bulgaria 2021)

Elena Danova (Miss Universe Bulgaria 2021)

Currently, Miss World Bulgaria is the most significant national Bulgarian pageant, selecting representatives for the most prestigious international beauty contests, some of which include:

“Miss Universe”

“Miss World”

“Mister World”

“Mini Miss and Mister World”

“Mini Miss and Mister Universe”

“Mini Miss and Mister Earth”

“Mrs. Globe”

“Miss Earth”

“Miss Top Model of the World”

“Miss Intercontinental”

“Miss Universal World”

“Miss Super Talent of the World”

“Miss Tourism International”

“Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan”

“Miss Tourism Metropolitan”

“Miss Tourism Queen International”

“Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International”

“Miss Cosmopolitan World”

“Miss Model of the World”

“Queen of Charity and Unity International”

“Face of Beauty International”

“Miss Grand International”

“Miss International”

Bok Star Models Agency is the sole representative of the regional contest for the most worthy representative of the capital “Miss Sofia”.